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The Yeti Queen is a powerful enemy found in the Wet Fur Caves situated in the Ice Caves of Spelunky 2. She is accompanied by several other Yetis, as well as the king on the floor below.


The Yeti Queen in the Wet Fur cave, surrounded by Yetis.

When idle, the Yeti Queen will pace back and forth aimlessly, walking off of ledges if given the opportunity.

When she spots the spelunker in front of her or they get too close to her on the horizontal level, she will yell and attack by hurling herself in the direction of the player with her arms raised up, slamming upon landing. This will violently knock the player and everything she touches far back, including items and other bodies such as the nearby Yetis.

If the player attempts to stomp the Yeti Queen, not only is she invincible to this without spike shoes, but she will also attempt to slam her fists together to hit the player above her, dealing two damage and faltering the player into a position where she may dive into them.

When killed, the Yeti Queen will drop both spike shoes and a rope pile. With an incredibly rare 1/1000 chance, she will drop a powerpack as well.


Due to the Yeti Queen's high damage, speed, and knockback, she should always be dispatched from a distance, namely by use of a bomb, shotgun, or even just by throwing the corpses of her inferiors at her.

If none of these options is available, there are still other strategies:

  • Bringing a mine to, or tossing a bomb at her.
  • Blowing up the floor and waiting for her to fall down to the Yeti King's platform. Here, the Yeti King may freeze her and leave her weak, or the player can blow up the floor beneath the both of them, leading them to fall into the spike pit below, killing both instantly.

The Spike Shoes, and Rope Pile guaranteed from the Yeti Queen can prove very useful to the player later on, especially in the Sunken City and Cosmic Ocean. If the player only wants these two items and does not want to face the Yeti King, they may leave the cave through the way they came and progress through The Ice Caves through a different way.

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