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The Yeti King is a mini-boss found only in special Yeti Kingdom levels in the Ice Caves.
He is capable of causing a lot of destruction to the level and killing the Spelunker instantly using his mighty roar, blasting the Spelunker through the air and causing avalanches.

He is always found with a group of several Yeti that make him difficult to approach safely.

Because he is considered a mini-boss, killing him unlocks eight Deathmatch Arenas.


Unlike regular Yeti, the Yeti King is actively aggressive and will attack the Spelunker on sight, making him a much more dangerous enemy.

He will pursue the Spelunker if they try to run away, using his roar to cause ice blocks to fall from the ceiling as icicles that will crush anything they land on. Any character that is in front of the Yeti King as he roars will be knocked back and stunned, but won't take any direct damage. Beware though - his breath can still affect the player several blocks above him on either side, and will likely be stun locked to death or sent flying into something more deadly.

Yeti King Trading Card Artwork

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