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The Yeti King is a powerful adversary found in the Wet Fur cave in The Ice Caves, just below the floor containing the Yeti Queen. He is capable of causing a lot of destruction to the level and killing the Spelunker instantly using his mighty freezing roar.


When idle, the Yeti King will pace back and forth aimlessly, walking off of ledges if given the opportunity.

When he spots the spelunker in front of him or they get too close to him on the horizontal level, he will let out an incredibly loud roar, shaking the screen and causing ice in front of him to fall down. Falling ice is capable of stunning the player, and he may repeatedly roar, causing more ice to fall onto the player. Note that ice will not fall from the ceiling directly above him or behind him.

While the Yeti King roars, he emits an incredibly cold freezing breath, capable of freezing any entity with the misfortune of getting too near.

If the player attempts to stomp the Yeti King, not only is he invincible to this without spike shoes, but he will also attempt to slam his fists together to hit the player above him if he is not already performing his roar. This punch deals two damage and falters the player into a position where he may freeze them with his breath.

When killed, the Yeti King will drop both a Compass and a rope pile. Uncommonly and with a 1/10 chance, he will drop a Freeze Ray as well.


Due to the Yeti King's ability to repeatedly damage and stun the player with his avalanches of ice as well as being able to instakill them with his freezing breath, he should always be dispatched using the Spike Shoes given by the Yeti Queen, while quickly positioning above him to not face the wrath of his roar.

The player can also blow him up by bringing a Mine into the cave or using a bomb. Bombing the ground under him will also leave him with nowhere to go but into the lower level containing the Spike pit.

Ranged weapons such as the Shotgun may prove useful against the King, although he will likely still be able to damage the player with the falling ice he creates with his roar.

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