The Yeti's favorite pastime: Spelunker volleyball!

Yetis are humanoid enemies found in the Ice Caves. While they don't mean to hurt the Spelunker, they do tend to play a little rough.


The Yeti is a very durable enemy, and thus preferably avoided - killing them without weaponry can take up a lot of time, and is risky since there are a lot of opportunities to make a mistake.

They will be knocked unconscious when they take damage from being jumped on or having items thrown at them, but whipping only knocks them back a little without harming them. It takes five normal attacks to kill them, or alternatively two jumps with the spike shoes or two bullets from a pistol or shotgun.
When a Yeti touches the Spelunker, it will throw him - dealing 1 hit point of damage on impact and causing him to be stunned. The throw may also cause more damage if you fall far enough to take falling damage as well. Of course, since the Ice Caves are known for having a bottomless pit instead of a floor, being thrown by a Yeti may cause you to never touch ground again.

If there is a solid block above the Yeti, they will simply deal contact damage as there is not enough room to throw you.

No matter how much health you have, it is possible to be juggled to death if you are near a wall or get thrown around amongst several Yeti who don't let you recover. Note that if you get thrown but land directly upon another Yeti, you won't take damage immediately, but will get volleyed until you hit a wall or floor.


  • There is a glitch involving Yetis that sometimes causes the player to be killed immediately - When a Yeti attempts to throw the Spelunker with its back to a wall, the animation may cause the Spelunker to clip into the wall and be killed, as if teleporting into solid space.
  • A stunned Yeti grants 4 favor with Kali, and they tend to be plentiful - hence, it is often worth offering as many of them as possible if one of her Altars appears in the level.
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