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Yang is the first character, other than the starter spelunker that the player chooses, that is able to be played as in Spelunky HD. He is first introduced at the beginning of the game, during the tutorial level, and appears again at the end of the Hell levels. He can also be unlocked as a regular character by finishing the game the hard way by defeating King Yama at the end of Hell.


Yang is one of the few characters in the game that is given some dialogue and personality. From his journals and end game dialogue, it can be assumed that Yang is an ambitious and adventurous individual.

Throughout his journal, he mentions some of the strange events that occur in The Mines, such as the walls shifting and the layout of the caves changing, and how he wakes up at the entrance of the mines after each death. However, he decides to not question these events and stay focused on the task of finding "The Ultimate Treasure".

Yang's Journal

In his journal, Yang describes some of the backgrounds of the game, notably the apparent immortality of the Spelunkers that entered the Cave. The tutorial follows his path through 4 levels of the cave shaped to be typical of the gameplay. His entries in the journal apparently stop when he reaches the Jungle. He managed to put his journal and the key to the Cave in front of the closed door, waiting for the next spelunker to discover it.

Secret Ending

When the player defeats King Yama and goes through the final exit door, Yang is found near a giant chest containing a huge trophy filled with gold. He compliments the player for your tale and efforts before the two of them are launched out of the caves by a volcanic erruption.


  • Greetings, fellow treasure hunter! 

I'm Yang!

  • I see you have my journal with you! By now it must be filled with all sorts of amazing things.
  • Since you worked so hard to get here, I'll bet you're expecting a large reward. 
  • Well, with all the time I've spent down here, I've come to realize a few things...
  • That the journey is its own reward and mastery is the greatest treasure of them all! 
  • ...

  • Well, okay, so gold is pretty nice, too! 
  • Wha ha ha! Now let's get out of here before my joints get stiff!


  • Yang and The Tunnel Man are the only two characters in Spelunky HD who have talk sprites.
  • Beating a Hell run as Yang will not result in two Yangs appearing, and instead nobody will be waiting for them beside the giant treasure.
    • However, in the French version of the game, it is possible to meet Yang with Yang and beat the game with two Yangs.