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Yang is a Quest NPC in Spelunky 2.


Yang's Pen

Yang's pen is a randomly-generated feature that can be found in the Dwelling, on either levels 1-2 or 1-3. It contains two Cave Turkeys along with Yang himself overlooking them. Two additional Cave Turkeys are guaranteed to spawn somewhere else in the same level.

  • Placing two Cave Turkeys (does not have to be the two guaranteed turkeys) in Yang's pen will have him thank the player, tossing a Key in front of him to unlock his treasure room.
    • The treasure room typically carries gems and gold with the occasional Chest and Crate.
    • Doing this completes the first step of Yang's quest.

It is possible to anger Yang by stealing from/attacking him or killing a Cave Turkey in front of him. Yang attacks the player with a Crossbow loaded with a Metal Arrow. Much like all other Crossbow wielding NPCs, Yang will fire at the player as soon as they are along the same horizontal level as them, regardless of distance.

  • Yang will enrage at the sight of a Cave Turkey corpse or Cooked Turkey, regardless of whether or not the player was responsible for its death. However, he will not react if a Cave Turkey is merely stunned or harmed.
  • Taking any Cave Turkey that is inside of Yang's Pen out of the room will also instantly anger him, even if it was delivered to him by the *player prior.
  • Entering Yang's treasure room by means of a Key or Skeleton Key before delivering two Cave Turkeys to him will be considered stealing, angering him. It is still possible to raid Yang's treasure room without his permission without disturbing him by accessing it through a neighboring backlayer.
  • Along with his Crossbow, Yang will drop the Metal Key he normally rewards the player with if he is stunned, making killing or stunning Yang a viable option if the player simply wishes to raid his treasure trove.

Pet Shop

If the Player gave two Cave Turkeys to Yang in the Dwelling without angering him, Yang will be found in level 2-1 of either Volcana or the Jungle, running a Pet Shop. Here, he will sell three of the turkeys he has as well as a Rope Pile.

Buying a single Cave Turkey in Yang's shop will substantially increase the spawn rate of Cave Turkeys in later levels.

Other Appearances

  • Yang can be found in The Black Market. He serves no other purpose other than to greet the player. If the player angered or killed Yang, he will not spawn.
  • If still alive and not angered, Yang can also be found in 4-3 of Tide Pool. Waiting before the door leading out into under the large lava pool, he warns the player of their potential fate if they do not have the Ankh or the right equipment to skip the lava trap rigged to the Golden Idol.
  • If Yang's Quest has been completed without killing or angering him, Yang will spawn in Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure, surprised at the type of dinner being served.


Dialogue Trigger
I'm looking for turkeys... wanna help? Yang, greeting the player in the Dwelling.
Thank you! Delivering one Cave Turkey to Yang's pen.
Wow, thanks! Please help yourself to my treasure. Delivering a second Cave Turkey to Yang's pen, prompting him to allow access to his treasure room.
Welcome to Yang's Pet Shop! Entering Yang's Pet Shop in Jungle/Volcana.
I'm so happy right now! Buying out Yang's Pet Shop and reentering.
Ah, yes, I'll buy that idol for you! Selling a Golden Idol to Yang's Pet Shop.
I'm Just doing a little shopping! Yang seeing the player in The Black Market.
Careful friend... that's a one-way door! Yang warning the player in 4-3 of Tide Pool, just beside the entrance to the bottom of the level.
I didn't realize they'd be serving turkey here... Yang talking to the player in Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure.
You monster! Angering Yang anywhere except for his Pet Shop.
I will avenge my feathered friends! Yang angering after seeing a dead Cave Turkey.
Stop, thief! Taking a Cave Turkey out of Yang's pen, angering him.
Come back with my turkey, you fiend! Running out of Yang's Pet Shop with an unbought Cave Turkey. This message will also appear if you leave Yang's Pet Shop with an unbought rope pile.
You villain! Vandalizing Yang's Pet Shop (i.e. destroying a shop tile)


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