Yama's Throne is the final level of Hell (5-4) where the Spelunker fights King Yama.


It is a large room with a one-tile-thick floor above a pool of lava underneath it. Other dangers in this room include Spike traps, Vampires, Jiang Shi and the unique enemies Ox Face and Horse Head, that will jump near the Spelunker as soon as the cutscene ends.

King Yama's Throne consists of a 4x11 mass of ruby blocks (worth $140,800 in total) directly above the entrance that are surrounded by Tiki Traps. At both sides of the throne, chains allow the Spelunker to climb to the top of the room where 3 crates can be found on either the left or right, the exit being on the opposite side.

Yama Level

Yama's Throne Level

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