A Wooden Shield is a makeshift shield made of wood. It can be found carried by Tiki Men and is commonly dropped by Pangxie.


When it comes to pushing objects around, protecting the user from projectiles, Totem Traps, and Lion Traps, the Wooden Shield functions identically to the Metal Shield.

Unfortunately due to shoddy construction and weaker material, Wooden Shields can only withstand 20 points of damage before breaking, visibly wearing down after surviving 10 damage.

Wooden Shields are also peculiarly capable of reflecting projectiles just as its stronger counterpart can, but it will suffer the same amount of damage that it would from the projectile normally. If a Wooden Shield has over 10 HP, it is even capable of reflecting the deadly projectile of a Plasma Cannon.

Wooden Shields can crush critters, small gold nuggets, pots, skulls, eggplants, and mosquitoes, but will instantly break when trying to crush any large object or entity against a block. Crushing will not deal damage to any entities that it cannot crush.

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