The Witch Doctor is a new enemy introduced in Spelunky 2. It is first seen in the jungle, and can be very devastating to the overall longevity of a player's run.

They appear to be Cavemen, except for the fact that they wear dark purple skull headdresses.


When observed from a distance, they will walk around aimlessly, and will have a small skull that orbits around them through blocks. As the player approaches them, the skull will start to slowly drift towards them. If the skull is able to touch the player, it will deal damage and also inflict curse. The skull will hang around the player until the player moves out of range of the Witch Doctor. It is important to note that the skull will disappear briefly if the Witch Doctor is stunned, but will reappear once it wakes up again.

If the player happens to be directly in front of the Witch Doctor (a Caveman's attack range) they will hold an effigy in one hand, and stab it with a pin, dealing damage to the player. This happens after a short charge time, and can only be cancelled by stunning/killing the Witch Doctor. During the charge time, a small skull icon appears above the player's head.

After meeting a Caveman[other enemies need research] they stand in front of each other and seem to exchange a few words. After that both return to their regular behavior.

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