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The full whip animation.

Whip Link S2.pngThe whip is a weapon used by all Spelunkers in Spelunky 2, as it is their default starting weapon, spawning with it in every game.


It is used by pressing the Action button when the hands are empty, and is the only weapon that cannot be dropped and does not take up the held item slot.

When attacking with the whip, the Spelunker coils the whip behind them before swinging it forward, causing a short animation delay before enemies in front of the Spelunker take damage. Players should learn to compensate for this by timing their attacks carefully, beginning the swing slightly before enemies come into its range.

In addition to dealing damage to enemies, the whip can push and deflect physical objects, such as corpses, rocks, items, treasure (useful for no gold runs and Ghosting), as well as certain projectiles (arrows, boomerangs, flies). The whip can also break open containers, such as pots, crates, and standard chests.

Unlike other weapons, it is unable to do damage to stunned enemies, only being able to knock them around. It also cannot do damage to particular enemies, such as Yetis, NPCs like Shopkeepers, and bulky enemies like Pangxie or Robots. Having a Powerpack equipped imbues the whip with fire, dealing 1 damage in addition to the normal whip damage. This allows players to burn objects like Webs and Bush Blocks, as well as harm whip-immune and stunned enemies.

The player cannot turn around, hang onto ledges, or cling to walls using Climbing Gloves while they are whipping. This can be useful when wanting to stay in a specific direction or avoid clinging to ledges or walls.

Some Spelunkers, as well as Hired Hands and the Eggplant Child have a custom whip. Aside from looks, custom Spelunker whips act identically to the standard one. However, the whips used by Hired Hands and the Eggplant Child are still able to deal 1 damage to Spelunkers regardless of whether they are stunned or not, allowing them to easily kill the player when angered.

Pictured Whips from left to right: Default, Nekka the Eagle, Au, Princess Airyn, Classic Guy, Hired Hand, Eggplant Child

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