The Whip is the default starting weapon of the Spelunker. It is one of three melee weapons in the game, the others being the machete and the mattock.
It is used by pressing the Action button (Default: X) when the hands are empty, and is the only weapon that cannot be dropped and does not take up the held item slot.


When attacking with the whip, the Spelunker coils the whip behind him before swinging it forward, meaning there is a short animation delay before enemies in front of the Spelunker take damage. Players should learn to compensate for this by timing their attacks carefully, beginning the swing slightly before enemies come into range.

The whip extends slightly more than one tile forward, and you can actually kill enemies by whipping them through a one-block-thick wall.

In addition to attacking forward, that whip can also be used to hit enemies behind the Spelunker using the backswing. The backswing's hitbox is a little higher than that of the forward strike, making it notably easier to damage enemies above you (such as spiders and bats) when facing away from them. The attack is also immediate, making it easier to aim than the forward whip. In addition, the backswing can deal damage to enemies multiple times in one swing, 1 damage per frame. This can only be used against enemies that have multiple HP and cannot be stunned, as once they are stunned, no further damage can be done. It is most effective against Giant Spiders, although it can also be used, at one's own risk, against Mummies and Alien Lords.

Some enemies (such as Yeti) are immune to damage from the whip, meaning you must attack them by other means, such as by stomping them.

Common uses of the whip include:

  • Attacking weak enemies.
  • Killing enemies above you (such as spiders) just out of your normal reach by using the backswing.
  • Stunning Mantraps long enough for you to pass by them safely.
  • Destroying pots from a distance, ensuring the death of any hidden monsters that may lurk within them (Note that the backswing does not break pots).
    • Normally, pots can drop 1 item of treasure, an enemy, or may even be found empty. However, when broken with the whip, a bug causes the random generator to be rolled twice - pots might release two treasures, two enemies, or both treasure and an enemy at once. They may still release only one item if either of the results are 'nothing' or even not drop anything at all if the generator rolls for nothing twice.
  • Numerous unspeakable acts with Damsels, who do not take damage from its lashes.
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