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Weapons are a subset of items that can be held and used by the Spelunker in Spelunky 2. Weapons are generally used to attack enemies as an alternative to the standard Whip. With the exception of Crossbows, Hou Yi's Bow, and the Clone Gun, Weapons have infinite ammunition and can be fired as many times as the user wishes.

Types of Weapons

Ranged Weapons

Weapon Properties
Webgun Link S2.png
Webgun • Fires three temporary webs before needing to reload.
Shotgun Link S2.png
Shotgun • Fires high-damage buckshot.
Freeze Ray Link S2.png
Freeze Ray • Fires a short range projectile that freezes objects and entities it hits.
Crossbow Link S2.png
Crossbow • Fires Arrows.
• Can stick Metal Arrows to walls.
Camera Link S2.png
Camera • Causes a bright flash that stuns enemies and has other applications.
Boomerang Link S2.png
Boomerang • Primitive thrown weapon that returns to its thrower.
Plasma Cannon Link S2.png
Plasma Cannon • Powerful alien weapon that fires explosive balls of plasma.