Waddler is a friendly NPC found in several places. He mainly serves as a place where players can drop off items, that they can then pick up when they encounter Waddler later.


Waddler's cave can be found in Olmec's Lair, the Ice Caves, and the Sunken City.

Olmec's Lair

A player finding the out of place tile at the top of Olmec's Lair.

Waddler's abode revealed on the first floor of Olmec's Lair by using two bombs.

Waddler can first be found in Olmec's Lair, on the first floor where the player first meets the titular boss.

On the very right side of the first floor, there will be either a patch of grass or push block conspicuously standing out just below the ladder.

Bombing the way open, the player will be able to greet Waddler and enjoy his service.

Typically, a player will use this section for three different reasons:

  1. Transporting an item to the Sunken City, such as the Hou Yi Bow.
  2. Taking an item to the Ice Caves, such as the Eggplant.
  3. Depositing weapons/back items that the player cannot take with them on their way to Abzu/Duat, so that they may retrieve them in the Ice Caves.

Ice Caves

The player spotting Waddler after entering the Wet Fur cave in The Ice Caves.

Waddler will next be found in the Ice Caves, where he will rest just above the Wet Fur cave. Although his entrance is hidden and does not consistently spawn in the same place, the player can easily spot where he resides in the level and bomb in the appropriate location.

There are three main reasons to use this Waddler location:

Sunken City

An entrance to Waddler's cave, spawned randomly somewhere in 7-1 of Sunken City.

Waddler's last appearance is in level 7-1 of the Sunken City. He will only appear here if the player still has items in his bank at this point in time. He will be relatively easy to find, as the entrance to his cave will not be hidden behind a wall this time, and instead simply found somewhere in the level along the main path.

This final location is incredibly important, as the player can:

  1. Pick back up Hou Yi's Bow, for use with the Arrow of Light.
  2. Retrieve any last minute items such as Excalibur/the Clone Gun for use in the Sun Challenge.


Before version 1.13.0a, Waddler would be destroyed along with every other enemy in the Sun Challenge when the challenge completed.

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