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Volcana is a Place in Spelunky 2, being mutually exclusive with Jungle.


Volcana is a fiery, mechanical world, housing dangers that are either on fire, create fire, are fire, or explode. Care should be taken when anticipating explosions as lava may spill out of pools and block the main path and other convenient routes to the exit. After completing 4 levels, the Spelunker is taken to Olmec's Lair.

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Caveman Link S2.png
Bat Link S2.png
Magmar Link S2.png
Imp Link S2.png
Robot Link S2.png
Fire Bug Link S2.png
Lavamander Link S2.png
Rock Dog Link S2.png


Powder Box Link S2.png
Falling Platform Link S2.png
Spikeball Link S2.png
Conveyor Belt Link S2.png
Scrap Link S2.png


Molten Factory - Volcana music Scorched Grotto - Volcana Dark Level music

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