Volcana is one of two second areas, being mutually exclusive with The Jungle. It is similar to the fifth world of Spelunky HD, Hell, being filled with lava and fire, although with a new theme of industrial mining.

Although the enemies there seem much less dangerous than those found in The Jungle, the lava found all over could easily end a player's run by blocking off important passageways. Here, players can find their way to Vlad's Castle before exiting the area to Olmec's Lair.

A full level of Volcana. The Moon Challenge is in the upper left of the level.


Volcana music

Volcana is a fiery, mechanical world, housing many things that are either on fire, create fire, are fire, or explode. It has small lava pools with falling platforms, chains hanging from the ceiling with Fire Bugs climbing them, and Powder Boxes in the walls, which will explode on contact with anything.

Volcana dark music

Most of these hazards are relatively easy to avoid, with one major exception: Lava, which can easily softlock the player by blocking the way forward from explosions in the area or from being spit by powerful Lavamanders.

Because of this, care should be taken when planning explosions from bombs or robots in Volcana as lava may spill out of pools and block the main path and other convenient routes to the exit. Although lava will disappear when it reaches the exit, this takes a long time, increasing the risk of being attacked by The Ghost.

Players carrying a flammable pack item with them, such as the Jetpack, Hoverpack, or Powerpack are extremely susceptible to a sudden demise, as many of the fire-based enemies in this area are likely to ignite the pack, exploding it and anybody unfortunate enough to be near or even wearing it.

2-1: Van Horsing, Sparrow

In 2-1, the player will always find a room containing a locked door and a room containing the entrance to a cave containing a silver key. If the player unlocks the locked door, they will find Van Horsing inside, who will thank the player and toss them a Diamond for freeing them.

Sparrow's abode will also always spawn here if the player previously stole an item from a Shopkeeper in the Dwelling.

2-2, 2-3, 2-4: Moon Challenge, Vlad's Castle

Moon Challenge

The Moon Challenge will always spawn on 2-2, 2-3, or 2-4, but never on the same level as Vlad's Castle. It is hosted by Tun, and has an entry fee of $10,000. Here, the player can collect loot and obtain Hou Yi's Bow, a necessary item needed to reach the Cosmic Ocean.

Vlad's Castle

Vlad's Castle can be found in 2-2, 2-3, or 2-4. It will never spawn on the same level that the Moon Challenge did. It is most easily accessed by activating and descending down the chain of the Big Drill, which spawns on the same level, with the Udjat Eye. The player can obtain the Crown, defeat Vlad with the help of Van Horsing, and obtain the powerful Vlad's Cape here.



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