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Vlad, seen just above the Crown at the top of Vlad's Castle.

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Vlad is a powerful enemy found within the depths of Volcana inside of Vlad's Castle.


Vlad always spawns at the top of his castle, resting just above the statue with the Crown on its head.

Vlad has 10 HP and acts identically to a normal Vampire, although much like a Crocman will teleport instead of taking damage, with a short cooldown on his teleport after doing so.

As he shares the same attributes as his underlings, Vlad is able to heal from collecting blood, but can also be instantly killed by metal arrows, lit stone arrows, the flash of a camera, or by being frozen by a Freeze Ray/Spelunker Ghost and subsequently taking damage.

When killed, Vlad leaves no corpse and drops Vlad's Cape.

Van Horsing

Vlad can also be killed with the help of Van Horsing, who can be freed from his cell in 2-1 of Volcana prior to reaching Vlad's Castle.

If freed and talked to, Van Horsing appears at the top of the castle, shooting at Vlad with a metal arrow once the Spelunker provokes him, killing Vlad instantly.

Defeating Vlad with the help of Van Horsing is a necessary step for obtaining the Alien Compass.

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