Vlad the Impaler is a powerful enemy found within the depths of Volcana inside of his castle. For reasons unknown, he is a high priority target to Van Horsing.


Vlad will always spawn at the top of his castle, resting just above the statue with the Crown on top.

Vlad acts like a normal Vampire, but will teleport when he gets hit, similar to a Croc Man. Vlad has a massive 10 HP, meaning he can be an extremely difficulty fight if the player does not know a way to defeat him easily.

When killed, Vlad leave no corpse, but will drop Vlad's Cape, giving the player a significant reason to kill him, as it is considered one of the best mobility items in the game.


Much like standard vampires, Vlad's greatest weakness are blue Steel Arrows. If he is hit by one, he will instantly die regardless of health.

The player can easily obtain a Steel Arrow by either obtaining a Crossbow with one, doing the Moon Challenge in a level prior to use the Steel Arrow from Hou Yi's Bow, or meeting Van Horsing, who is equipped with one.

The player baiting out Vlad in his castle in order to have Van Horsing kill him instantly with a Steel Arrow.

If the player previously freed Van Horsing from his jail cell in 2-1 of Volcana, he will work with the player to defeat Vlad.

When the player triggers Vlad to attack, Van Horsing will fire a Steel Arrow at the perfect time, killing Vlad instantly, netting the player an easy Vlad's Cape and Crown.

After this, Van Horsing will tell the player, "I've been hunting this fiend for a long time!" If Vlad is killed with the help of Van Horsing, the vampire slayer will appear in 4-1 of Temple of Anubis to award the player the Alien Compass.

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