Entrance to Vlad's Castle

Vlad's Castle is a secret Sub-level area which can be discovered in Volcana 2-2 or 2-3 after activating the Big Drill. The entrance is notable due to the red brick area surrounding the door.

You begin the area in dark caves before reaching the main castle area. The map has a Four-leaf Clover spawned at the beginning of the caves. The caves often contain Scarabs.

The castle portion of this area is well-lit. It also includes many chains allowing you to ascend within the space. The ground floor of the castle has Spike pit. Common enemies of the castle are Bats and Vampires.

Bottom of Vlad's Castle

There are two Coffins along each side of the castle's walls (a grand total of four). Opening the fourth coffin for the first time will unlock the playable character Coco von Diamonds. In the middle portion of the castle, there are two switches that toggle the position of a corresponding pillar. These pillars will gain or block access to either side of the area- as well as a few Chests, Crates, or other treasures.

The bottom center of the castle will always contain several conveyor belts, and a spike pit.

The top, center area of the castle is where you can find the Crown. Upon grabbing the Crown, Vlad will spawn.

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