Vlad's Castle is a secret Sub-level area which can be discovered in Volcana 2-2, 2-3, or 2-4 after activating the Big Drill. Here, they can get their hands on a large number of loot, including Vlad's Cape and the Crown.


Bottom of Vlad's Castle

Entrance to Vlad's Castle

The entrance can be found on the same level as the drill's destination, as a notable red colored structure.

When the player enters, they find themselves in a set of dark caves below the main castle area. The entrance has a Four-leaf Clover spawned by it.

Inside the castle, the player can occasionally find a few Bats and Vampires inside. The castle portion of the sub-area is well-lit and includes many chains allowing you to ascend within the space. The ground floor of the castle has a large Spike pit with a set of conveyor belts pushing any unfortunate item or entity into them.

There are two Coffins along each side of the castle's walls, totaling up to four. Opening the fourth coffin for the first time will unlock the playable character Coco von Diamonds.

If the player takes Vlad's Cape from higher up in the castle, they can repeatedly throw an item such as a rock or Hou Yi's Bow at the Hired Hands that come out of the coffin. With the Kapala, they can collect the blood dropped from the Hired Hands to gain a maximum of 8 HP, as it is doubled with the power of Vlad's Cape.

In the middle portion of the castle, there are two switches that toggle the position of a corresponding pillar. These pillars will gain or block access to either side of the area- as well as a few Chests, Crates, or other treasures. There are four Arrow Traps protecting entrance into this portion of the castle.

Reaching the top of Vlad's Castle and having him assassinated by Van Horsing, allowing free access to Vlad's Cape and the Crown.

At the center of the top area of the Castle, the player can find is the Crown, resting on a statue. Upon approaching the statue, Vlad will awaken from above to attack unsuspecting players. Killing him will drop Vlad's Cape.

If the player freed Van Horsing from his cell in 2-1 of Volcana, he will kill Vlad instantly with his Crossbow and Steel Arrow for the player.

Vlad's Castle HD.jpg
Vlad's Castle is a special landmark found in the first level of Hell. It contains Vlad and his underlings, and the player may plunder his Cape and Amulet here.


Vlad's Castle always spawns on 5-1 of Hell, where a Level Feeling text displays "A horrible feeling of nausea comes over you!". It is a massive 4 chunks tall and 1 chunk wide, occupying a fourth of the level.

Although the player may bomb through the structure, the main entrance into the castle is found at the very bottom, where the player must push away one of the many Push Blocks adorned with skulls and crossbones to make their way inside.

The castle is adorned with many climbable chains, Spikes, and Tiki Traps. Despite appearances, the Spikes found covering Vlad's Castle are just as capable of killing the Spelunker as much as the rest of the Spikes encountered in the rest of the game.

The interior may contain enemies found normally throughout Hell, such as Devils. Vampires are a common sight, found resting on the ceilings of the castle.

At the very top of the castle, Vlad himself can be found, guarded by two Succubi. Killing him will drop Vlad's Cape, while Vlad's Amulet may be found somewhere in the walls of the top of the castle. Its location is easily revealed by Spectacles or the Udjat Eye.

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