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Vlad's Cape is a powerful piece of Backwear in Spelunky 2.

It is a guaranteed drop from Vlad, found at the top of Vlad's Castle in Volcana.


Sticker of Vlad's Cape seen in the Journal's Run Recap.

Although it takes the appearance of a red cape on the ground, Vlad's Cape will give the player a pair of red wings when worn.

  • Grants the user a double jump approximately the same height as the player's normal jump, as well as the standard Cape's gliding abilities once the double jump has been exhausted.
    • Attaching to a wall with Climbing Gloves or climbing up a Rope, ladder, or other climbable object will replenish the cape's second jump.
    • When used with Spring Shoes, both the player's initial jump and double jump will have increased height and velocity.
  • Also causes entities to drop twice as much blood as usual (the average number of drops is two, made four with Vlad's Cape), allowing for faster accumulation of the Kapala.


  • See also: Jetpack Link S2.png Jetpack, a commonly compared item.


  • In a Developer AMA, Lead Programmer Miguel "Micky" Pascual commented that Vlad's Cape was to originally have 2 charges (granting the wearer a total of 3 jumps). Although the team had misinterpreted the instructions given by Spelunky creator and Lead Designer Derek Yu, Yu had found it to be more sensible and left Vlad's Cape with only a single charge.
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