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Van Horsing is a quest NPC in Spelunky 2.


Volcana (Vlad's Castle)

In Volcana 2-1, Van Horsing can be found in a locked cell somewhere in the level. An accompanying room containing a key in its backlayer also spawns elsewhere in the level, although any standard key or the Skeleton Key can be used to open the door. Freeing Van Horsing will have him thank the spelunker, handing them a Diamond.

If Van Horsing was talked to in 2-1, he appears later at the top of Vlad's Castle, where he shoots at Vlad with his Crossbow moments after the spelunker triggers him. Being loaded with a Metal Arrow, the shot kills the normally powerful vampire instantly, giving the spelunker easy access to both the Crown and Vlad's Cape.

Temple of Anubis

In the first level of Temple of Anubis (4-1), Van Horsing can be found in the backlayer of a special room, but only if he helped the spelunker kill Vlad previously in the run.

Van Horsing is cursed in this encounter. Believing his time to be running out, he hands the spelunker the Alien Compass when approached.

Other Appearances

  • If the spelunker visits Tide Pool instead of Temple of Anubis, Van Horsing can appear in the backlayer of 4-3, warning the player before they enter the area below the Lake of Fire.
  • If the Alien Compass was obtained, Van Horsing survives his adventure in Temple of Anubis and is found cured of his curse in Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure. He is locked away once more, behind the Forcefield in the basement.


  • Missing any of Van Horsing's appearances voids his questline, and he does not appear again in later levels.
    • This includes the steps necessary to obtain the Alien Compass; Vlad must be defeated with Van Horsing to encounter him later in Temple of Anubis.
  • In rare situations, Van Horsing can miss when firing at Vlad.
    • If this happens, the Metal Arrow he fired can simply be given back to him, allowing him to fire again.
    • The trigger for continuing the quest is Vlad's death, and not necessarily Van Horsing killing Vlad; the spelunker can kill Vlad themselves while Van Horsing is present and the quest will still continue into Temple of Anubis.
    • Vlad is easier for Van Horsing to predict and hit if the spelunker enters the chamber containing Vlad through the climbable chains near the middle of the area, and does not move suddenly after triggering Vlad.
  • If the spelunker is also cursed when meeting Van Horsing in Temple of Anubis, he acknowledges the dangerous situation they have both found themselves in.


  • Van Horsing Link S2.png "Tusk won't be happy about this, but thank you." - Van Horsing being freed from his cell in Volcana 2-1.
  • Van Horsing Link S2.png "I've been hunting this fiend a long time!" - Van Horsing, after Vlad's death.
  • Van Horsing Link S2.png "I sense danger beyond that door." - Van Horsing, if encountered just before the Lake of Fire in Tide Pool 4-3.
  • Van Horsing Cursed S2.png "It's not looking good for me. Take this." - Van Horsing, if instead found in Temple of Anubis, 4-1, after killing Vlad.
  • Van Horsing Cursed S2.png "Ha! A pair of unfortunate souls. Take this!" - Van Horsing, in Temple of Anubis 4-1, if the spelunker is also cursed.
  • Van Horsing Link S2.png "At least she removed my curse..." - Van Horsing, in Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure, if previously found in Temple of Anubis.



  • Van Horsing is a reference to Van Helsing, a prolific vampire hunter from the classic gothic horror novel Dracula. Van Helsing's relationship with Count Dracula himself is reflected in-game with Van Horsing's feelings toward Vlad.
  • As mentioned in his Journal entry, Van Horsing was formerly a playable character unlocked in the Haunted Castle in Spelunky HD. He has notably aged, with his hair turning white, hat becoming tattered, and his right eye developing a cataract.
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