Van Horsing is a returning NPC from Spelunky HD. He appears trapped in a locked cell in Volcana 2-1. The key to his door will be found in another cave somewhere else on the same level. Upon being freed he will say "Tusk won't be happy about this, but thank you". He will then give you a diamond as a reward. Later on in Volcana, upon activating the drill with the Udjat Eye, and going to Vlad's Castle, the player will meet him again. He will shoot Vlad with a crossbow killing him immediately, followed by the line, "I've been hunting this fiend for a long time". He will remain neutral unless you attack him. You can next find him in either The Temple of Anubis in 4-1, or the tidepool 4-3 somewhere in another hidden cave. When you find him, in The Temple he will say, "Thing's aren't looking too good for me, take this." and grant you the Alien Compass, which can be used not just to find the exit of each level, but also the entrance of The Mothership. In the Tidepool he is found near the bottom of a large shaft, and will say "I sense danger beyond that door".

Van Horsing also seems to be cursed, which explains why he is going to die.

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