Van Horsing is an NPC in Spelunky 2.


World 2


He first appears trapped in a locked cell in Volcana 2-1. The key to his door will be found in another cave somewhere else on the same level. The Skeleton Key can also open his door. Upon being freed he will say "Tusk won't be happy about this, but thank you", and will award the player a diamond.

Vlad's Castle

Later in Volcana, upon making to Vlad's Castle, the player will meet him again if he was saved previously. He will appear on a ledge on top of the castle. Once Vlad moves into Van Horsing's line of sight, he will shoot him with a crossbow, killing him immediately, and follow this with the line, "I've been hunting this fiend for a long time!"

World 4

Next, depending on what path the player has taken, Van Horsing can be found in a hidden cave in either The Temple of Anubis 4-1 or Tide Pool 4-3.

Tide Pool

In Tide Pool 4-3, either Van Horsing, Yang, or Parsley can be found at the bottom of the level's sub area, just outside the door leading to the lava Idol trap. If it is Van Horsing, he will say "I sense danger beyond that door".

Temple of Anubis

Van Horsing can be found in the Temple of Anubis, where he appears to be cursed, likely from a Cat Mummy. If the player meets him, he will say, "It's not looking good for me. Take this", and grant the player the Alien Compass, which can be used to find the secret entrance to the Mothership.

If the player is also cursed, Van Horsing will instead say "Ha! A pair of unfortunate souls. Take this!" and award the Alien Compass regardless.

World 6

Neo Babylon

Finally, Van Horsing can last be found within Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure in Neo Babylon 6-3. In the first floor of the basement, he is found to the right of the floor next to the curse pot. It then comes to mind that Tusk has lifted his curse that he received back in the Temple of Anubis. Upon walking up to him, he will say, "At least she lifted my curse."



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