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Vampires are an enemy in Spelunky 2.

Vampires are found primarily in Vlad's Castle, but may also be found in the backlayer of a "The dead are restless!" Level Feeling, summoned by Anubis II, or Generator in the Sun Challenge.

Vlad is a much stronger variant of this enemy.


Vampires start with 6 HP. Vampires are able to increase this HP by collecting blood, much like a spelunker with a Kapala. Vampires do this much more efficiently, able to heal 1 HP from collecting a single drop of blood.

Vampires are able to transform into Bats, and spawn hanging on the ceiling in this form. After getting close enough to a spelunker, they turn back into their human form, sporadically jumping into their direction.

If their target gets high enough above a them, Vampires turn back into a Bat to pursue them. Hitting a vampire in any fashion causes it to change out of its Bat form.

Killing a Vampire leaves its Cape behind, and much like their leader Vlad, Vampires die instantly when hit with a Metal Arrow, Stone Arrow lit on fire, or the flash of a Camera.

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