Vampires appear in Restless Dead Levels in the Jungle, and sometimes in the Black Market.


Tonight, when the clock strikes midnight, all the evil things in Spelunky will have full sway.

The children of the night. How hilarious they look.

The vampires are the most dangerous enemy that can be found amongst the Restless Dead. They are surprisingly mobile with their swift speed and ability to fly, and are tough enough to take multiple hits, recovering quickly from being stunned.
They will pursue you relentlessly once you've been spotted, unless you hide in a pool of water. They can shift into bat form (which is much faster than an ordinary Bat, but slower than a vampire's ground speed) to better hunt you down. Thrown weapons may be your best bet to take a vampire out, as they allow you to keep your distance.

Vampires drop a cape when killed, which means that players who find themselves in the Restless Dead level will probably want to kill at least one. They also drop skulls, just like the Jiang Shi and skeletons.

Vampires take extra damage from arrows.

If you can knock a vampire unconscious below a tree, you may simply drop on top of it until it is dead. The tricky part is getting it below the tree.

It is also a good tactic to deploy a rope right above a stunned vampire, get up on it and jump on him just after he awakens. It can be a very reliable way to kill him as long as you can jump fast enough.

If you manage to stun a vampire, you can also consider moving him next to a tiki trap which will take out a good chunk of his health. Just be sure he doesn't wake up in your hands and that you don't get caught by the tiki trap.

Occasionally, you will find a tombstone on restless dead levels with 'ASH' inscribed upon it. A shotgun is guaranteed to be found inside, and will make short work of vampires.

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