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Found in a back room of Neo Babylon 6-2 Ushabti are part of the chain that leads to the Sunken City. Finding the correct one as noted in the Tablet of Destiny and bringing it to the next level, 6-3, will cause it to "hatch" into the Qilin.


Each Ushabti has a unique appearance composed of three different attributes:

  • The first attribute is a general descriptor that can either be simple, tall, smiling, or cracked.
  • The second attribute is the material, which can either be clay, wood, gold, jade, or onyx.
  • The third attribute is the symbol found on the figurine's abdomen, which can either be snake, eye, vortex, ankh, or bat.
    Ushabti Entrance S2

    The entrance to the Ushabti room in 6-2 of Neo Babylon.

The back room that contains the Ushabti is always accessed through a small doorway in a structure found somewhere in 6-2 of Neo Babylon. Inside, multiple deadly crushing Elevators can be found, along with all 100 possible variations of Ushabti.

After acquiring the Tablet of Destiny , its Journal entry will be updated, describing the appearance of the Ushabti which will spawn the Qilin after taking the figurine into the next level. The correct Ushabti is chosen at random for all non-seeded runs.

Ushabti Interior S2

Exploring the 6-2 Ushabti room.

Sacrificing an Ushabti to a Kali Altar will prompt Kali to award the player with a "companion", varying with the player's favor.

Kali Altar rewards
Favor Reward
<0 Vampire
0-7 Caveman
8-15 Cave Turkey
16-31 Hired Hand
≥32 Hired Hand holding a Shotgun

Ushabti sacrifices will cut the player's favor in half if they are at a positive favor level, and as such do not allow the player to easily gain additional favor at an altar.

Shooting the correct Ushabti with the Clone Gun will still cause it to produce a Qilin in the next level. If the player clones the correct Ushabti before it hatches on Neo Babylon 6-3, the clone will not hatch until Tiamat's Throne, 6-4. This can be done repeatedly until the player runs out of Clone Gun charges.



Simple Tall Smiling Cracked
Descriptor simple Descriptor tall Descriptor smiling Descriptor cracked


Clay Wood Gold Jade Onyx
Clay Material wood Material gold Material jade Material onyx


Snake Eye Vortex Ankh Bat
Symbol snake Eye Symbol spiral Symbol anhk Symbol bat


Tablet of Destiny Link S2 "A tall servant of onyx marked by the ankh will open the door for the Aspirant." Tablet of Destiny Link S2 "A smiling servant of jade marked by the bat will open the door for the Aspirant." Tablet of Destiny Link S2 "A cracked servant of clay marked by the vortex will open the door for the Aspirant." Tablet of Destiny Link S2 "A simple servant of gold marked by the eye will open the door for the Aspirant."
Tall Onyx Ankh Smiling Jade Bat Cracked Clay Vortex Simple Gold Eye
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