I'm a big fan of Spelunky, and I enjoy organising and writing wikis. Go figure.

I've played both versions of the game extensively, and it's safe to say that Spelunky is one of my favourite games ever, so I'm very enthusiastic about this project.

I check in here most days, even if I'm not always in the mood to make edits.

I'm a bit of a stickler for tidiness and consistency. I'm gradually working through the wiki to make it all neat, so I'll sometimes modify some of the things you write to make it all fit. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the help, and I encourage people to make edits. We're a long way from being done.

As a sysop here I'll be deleting all the junk and messing with the style and settings, but that doesn't mean I'm the boss or anything. Please do feel free make edits to my contributions if you see something wrong.

Oh yeah - Although I'm British, I'll usually try to write in American English to reduce ambiguity - most people reading this wiki are American, after all.
Sometimes I might make dialectical mistakes like forgetting to remove the 'u' in colour, or spell stuff like 'Sceptre'.
Just edit that stuff out if you see it. After all, the wiki is supposed to be consistent.

See the Wiki Projects page for current plans and ideas of what I'm working on. Please feel free to help out, I very much appreciate all input!

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