You might know me as the guy who practically singlehandedly takes care of the wiki. I am responsible for creating around 95% of the Spelunky 2 portion of the wiki, and currently investigating into the older games section of the wiki.

i started editing the Spelunky 2 wiki after i noticed that the Yang page for Spelunky 2 had nothing but an infobox. Then, I noticed that barely anything else was done. There wasn't even any information for Tide Pool and Temple of Anubis when i first got here.

Because of the unfinished state of the wiki that I initially walked into, I have become dedicated to maintaining this wiki and getting as much (correct) information as I can, since the 2nd of November.

I like to think that i'm picking up the pieces that the original cool guys of this wiki left behind when they wrote the articles for spelunky HD, like TenhGrey and Konato K. Both of those guys are long gone now, but at least I'm here to take their place (for now).

Most of my information comes from the spelunky 2 journal created by garebear and the rest of the spelunky modding community, as well as my own personal experiences of my 900+ hours of Spelunky 2. A huge thanks to the people behind the google spreadsheet. here's a link.

Although this is a wiki, it often feels like I'm a 1 man band. I definitely encourage you to make edits.

Here are some of my principles of my wiki page writing:

  • Make sure each and every single page has at least one thing that can make somebody go "wow, I never knew that!"
  • VISUAL/AUDITORY AIDS. This is HUGE. Have you ever been into some of the more neglected parts of the wiki, and it describes everything about something perfectly, but there's no images or audio to supplement it, so you just have a vague picture in your head? That's not cool, so i'm trying to lower the level of that.

I usually hang out in the spelunky 2 discords, mostly to hang out, get the latest spelunky science developments, be reminded of some information I have yet to put on the wiki, and silently gather feedback about the wiki. If you want to talk to me there, my discord tag is pread#2977.

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