Spelunky Wiki

Hi! I'm a dude responsible for creating the majority of the Spelunky 2 portion of the wiki. If you've been on any page that has to do with spelunky 2, you've seen my writing.

Prior to the Spelunky Wiki, I had zero experience editing wikis in general. If I'm honest, that kind of shows in some of my earlier work. I started editing after i noticed that the Yang page for Spelunky 2 had nothing but an infobox. Then, I noticed that barely anything else was done. There wasn't even any information for Tide Pool and Temple of Anubis when i first got here.

Because of the unfinished state of the wiki that I initially walked into, I became dedicated to helping improve the wiki in whatever way I could since the 2nd of November, 2020.

A good chunk of my information comes from my own personal experiences of my 1500+ hours of Spelunky 2, but the research and work that the Spelunky community does in the Spelunky Community Discord is invaluable, and I can't stress that enough. A huge thanks to people like SpencerPK, Cloiss, garebear, Dregu, Dr. BaconSlices, and everyone else in #s2-science. I feel like you all deserve it much more than I do. bonus; here's a link to an ancient spreadsheet used back in late 2020.

You can edit the wiki as you see fit, although me, Spencer, garebear, and the rest of the community are planning to setup an ad free, better looking, up to date and generally improved wiki on the community supported Spelunky.fyi. We hope to see you there once all of the setup is done!

I usually hang out in the spelunky 2 discords, mostly to help new players, get the latest spelunky science developments, and gather feedback about the wiki. If you want to talk to me there, my discord tag is pread#2977.

My opinions on the game:

Jungle or Volcana? Tide Pool or Temple?

Whichever ones work better for my run. Although, I usually go Jungle and Tide, and I do believe that Volcana and Temple have a slight advantage, depending on your luck and skill:

  • From what I've seen, new players tend to find Volcana easier than Jungle. Once those players learn all of Jungle's tricks and get better at the game, the difficulty between the two areas starts to even out a lot more.
  • While Jungle gets you a lot if resources and accessories from the Black Market, Vlad's Cape and the Alien Compass are one of a kind.
    • This is where luck comes in, as if you get all of your accessories from randomly spawning shops, you can just go Volcana and Temple.
      • If you get a bunch of bombs (and hopefully paste), you won't even need Tide Pool's Clone Gun to clone the player bag the Sun Challenge drops, and can reap the benefits from the Elixir's buff.
      • If you get a jetpack from a shop along the Vol/Temp route, there you go! Easy qilin skip and you get a jetpack.

Still though, Jungle feels SO MUCH more consistent, at least to me. Then I go Tide or Temp depending on how im feeling/how the run is going. If i don't get a jetpack from the Black Market, i just get one from Anubis II!

If I get a jetpack or climbing gloves in dwelling, i USUALLY go volcana temple though, for the alien compass and elixir. Paste is still a problem usually if i do that though.

Jetpack or Vlad's Cape?

I can't help it, I love both!

  • If im playing casually, have spring shoes/climbing gloves, or am just sick of the jetpack, I take vlads!
  • If im playing seriously or REALLY casually, want to qilin skip easily, or am just sick of vlads, i take jetpack!

Any other opinions? Make your own! Theres too much to cover here, so I highly recommend you play the game and make your own conclusions! As you get better and more consistent at the game, the less unfair things will start to seem, and the more likely you're going to give the other paths you don't take a chance! Derek Yu has said himself, it's more about the journey, not the destination! Don't get too wrapped up in winning and just have fun Spelunky-ing!