Spelunky Wiki

See: Level Editor on creating and editing levels.

There have been two major attempts at overhauling and upgrading the original Spelunky's built in editor, Spelunky Level Editor Plus, and the Tastes Like Spelunky Editor. While levels made with either of them are for the most part compatible with each other, they are not compatible with the original Spelunky. Levels that require either of them will be marked as such. Yet Another Spelunky Mod may or may not work with certain user-made levels.

List of User-Made Levels[]

All levels are listed from newest to oldest; the most recent being located at the top.

List of "Enhanced" User Maps[]

These are user-made maps that include extra bits of code that tweak various settings at the beginning, however, they're unable to make any code modifications after the level is initially set up.