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The Udjat Eye is an item in Spelunky 2.


The Udjat Eye is obtained by opening the Locked Chest with the Gold Key or a Skeleton Key in either levels 1-2 or 1-3 of the Dwelling. The Locked Chest is always located in a backlayer within the exact same room every game, being a small wooden structure somewhere beside/along the level's main path.

As the Spelunker cannot take the Locked Chest outside of its backlayer room, they must always bring the Gold Key or a Skeleton Key to it and never the other way around.


When in the Spelunker's inventory, the Udjat Eye passively reveals gems and items that are hidden in the ground the same way Spectacles can.

The true purpose of the Udjat Eye, however, is to reveal the path to a secret location in either Jungle or Volcana. In Jungle, it is used to discern the entrance to the Black Market, while in Volcana it is used to activate a large Drill, opening the way to Vlad's Castle.

For more information, see Black Market (2) and Vlad's Castle (2) respectively.


  • The Udjat Eye, also known as the Eye of Horus, is a symbol of protection, royal power, and good health, thanks to the watchful gaze of the gods. Funerary amulets were created in its shape, and it was painted on the bows of many Egyptian vessels, as it was said to ward off evil and protect pharaohs in the afterlife.[citation]

Version History

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1.21.0c (W64)

  • Skeleton Key now also opens Udjat's Eye chest

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