The tutorial in Spelunky HD is more elaborate than in the original game, and introduces the story of the caves and the character Yang.

After selecting "Play Game" from the main menu and selecting their character for the first time, the player will find themselves in the Entrance Cave after descending down with a rope. On the left, they will find Yang's journal, which they take for their own, and they learn of Yang's experiences in the Mines.

The player then temporarily assumes control of Yang as they journey through three short areas in the Mines, and are introduced to the controls and various mechanics of the game.

After completing the tutorial, Yang gives the player the key to the Mines, and they are allowed to begin the adventure for themselves.

Tutorial Edit

Introduction Edit

After pressing the Back/Tab/Select/Touch Pad button to open the journal they just found, the player is introduced to Yang.

Greetings! My name is Yang, and this is my journal. Dusty maps and rumors of amazing treasures have led me here, deep under the desert.

There's something very strange about this place... the layout seems to change all the time. I've never seen the same room twice!

It could be the legendary Curse of Olmec, the one they say traps people inside the caves forever!

I push the idea out of my mind and focus on the treasure, instead. If I master the basics of movement and combat, I know I'll leave here a rich man!

Tutorial 1 Edit

Tutorial 1 introduces the player to jumping, collecting gold, Snakes, Powder Boxes, sprinting, climbing ladders, and spikes.

The journey has been more difficult than I expected. I've fallen in spike pits, stepped into traps, and been attacked by monsters...

Yet no matter what happens, I always wake up at the entrance to the mines! It's like death itself has lost its way down here.

Despite the eeriness of these events, I remain focused on the task at hand. Eagerly, I press on, pursuing my fame and fortune.

Tutorial 2 Edit

Tutorial 2 introduces the player to whipping, crates, Bomb Bags, bats, using bombs, Rope Piles, using ropes, pushing heavy crates, and sprinting across small gaps.

I caught a glimpse of a lush paradise the other day, at the end of the mines.

How could such a place exist so far underground? And what lies beyond?

Cave merchants speak of even more fabulous sights further below... ancient ruins and cities made of gold! The very idea makes my restless heart beat faster!

Tutorial Final Edit

The final part of the tutorial introduces the player to picking up objects, Shopkeepers, arrow traps, Idols, and Damsels.

To whomever holds this journal: I hope you find it useful. It's served me well but I no longer need it.

I'm descending into the caves for what I hope is the last time. I won't return until I've escaped with The Ultimate Treasure!

Or are there even greater delights to be discovered? Well, there's only one way to find out!

Take this key. It will open the entrance to the mines. Follow me if you dare!
Happy Exploring!


  • The player keeps their current health across each area in the tutorial, but will respawn at each area upon death, rather than at the beginning of Tutorial 1.
  • The Idol in Tutorial Final is only guarded by one arrow trap, instead of a boulder.
  • The Ghost will never appear, regardless of how long the player spends in the levels.
  • The final level of the tutorial contains an easter egg. If you bomb below the shop you can find a Classic Spelunker.


Related AchievementsEdit

  • "So It Begins" - Beat the Tutorial. (Guide)
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