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Tusk's Bodyguards are NPCs in Spelunky 2.

They spawn guarding Madame Tusk and her property in Tide Pool/Neo Babylon.


One of Tusk's Bodyguards spawns just outside the entrance to Madame Tusk's dice house in 4-1/4-3 of Tide Pool, while a total of eight bodyguards surround her Palace of Pleasure in 6-3 of Neo Babylon.

Tusk's Bodyguards can anger if attacked or if Madame Tusk is angered, as well as if they see the spelunker entering the Palace of Pleasure without permission or carrying The Tusk Idol.

When provoked, they pull out a Shotgun and proceed to behave in a similar fashion to Shopkeepers, running around sporadically and firing their Shotguns in an attempt to kill the player.

While angry Shopkeepers begin firing their Shotguns when the spelunker enters within 4 tiles vertically and 12 tiles horizontally of them, angry Bodyguards have a firing range of 4 tiles vertically and 2 tiles horizontally. This effectively makes it so that Tusk's Bodyguards only shoot if the Spelunker is on the same level as them.

Bodyguards do not hunt the player in subsequent levels after being angered, but will shoot the spelunker if encountered again in the Palace of Pleasure.


  • Tusk's Bodyguard Link S2.png "Sorry, you're not on the list." - Approaching the Bodyguard serving as a bouncer in Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure, having not been invited.
  • Tusk's Bodyguard Link S2.png "Come right in. Madame is expecting you." - Approaching the bouncer in Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure while marked as a VIP.
  • Tusk's Bodyguard Link S2.png "Stay out!" - Approaching the Bodyguard near the bottom of 6-3, guarding the entrance to Madame Tusk's vault.
  • Tusk's Bodyguard Angry S2.png "Someone's trying to rob Madame!" - The Bodyguard in 4-1/4-2 of Tide Pool seeing the player with The Tusk Idol.


  • Tusk's Bodyguards appear to be well paid, well dressed, and well trained Hired Hands.
  • In a developer AMA, Spelunky creator Derek Yu responded to a question asking about the whereabouts of the male Damsel from Spelunky HD saying "He's working for Madame Tusk now...", implying he is now a Bodyguard.[1]
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