Turrets are automated defenses found in large Alien Spaceships in the Ice Caves.

They appear in The Mothership, UFO Crash Site levels and very rarely in the fourth level of the Ice Caves, where the Mothership's entrance is located.

They aren't too difficult to avoid, but are dangerous if ignored.


Turrets can spawn in any Ice Caves level with Mothership tiles, regardless of level feeling.

Turrets generate affixed to the ceiling, and will begin targeting the Spelunker when they move into range. They will track their target's movements and fire small lasers at them every few seconds.

Unlike UFO plasma, Turret lasers do not destroy blocks, but will hurt friend and foe alike. A Turret may blow up Alien Tanks or shoot down UFOs if they cross its line of fire.

Although the Turrets have a limited range of vision, the lasers they fire travel until they hit something. They can pierce multiple characters, but will be reflected by Forcefields.

WARNING: Hitting a Turret with the Crysknife or freezing it and whipping it, will cause it to explode, almost certainly killing the spelunker.


Turrets can be destroyed by throwing an object at them or shooting them with a weapon, which will cause them to explode like a bomb.

However, if they are whipped or the block they are attached to is destroyed, they will drop to the ground and remain intact.

Turrets as Weapons

Disarmed turrets can be picked up and carried like heavy objects.

While carried in the hands, they will continue to shoot lasers in the direction they are pointed.

Laser shot.png

This makes a decent substitute for ranged weapons, but the rate of fire is pretty slow and the Spelunker has no control over the lasers. Also, the Turret is not invulnerable to its own shots, leaving the possibility of killing the Spelunker if the Turret shoots right before it's thrown.

They are fired automatically every few seconds regardless of whether there are any targets in sight.

Turrets cannot be carried through doors.


  • If the Turret shoots with an specific angle, they can shoot themselves and get detached from the ceiling.
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