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Tun is a vendor NPC in Spelunky 2, offering both standard wares and challenges.


Tun can be found in backlayer shops, or offering challenges in Jungle/Volcana, 4-2 of Tide Pool/Temple of Anubis, and the Sunken City. She also appears briefly at the top of Tiamat's Throne.

Tun Shops

A player encountering Tun and her shop in a backlayer.

In most worlds, Tun can be found in backlayers, selling a wide variety of items.

Tun is able to sell the player every single item that a Shopkeeper can sell to the player (including Hired Hands, albeit starting with full trust), but she may also stock much more peculiar wares, being Royal Jelly and Plasma Cannons. The only items that Tun does not sell are Presents, the Skeleton Key, and Mounts.

Tun offers all of her items at a 5% discount compared to the prices of the Shopkeeper's Association. If Shopkeepers are mad at the player, Tun will then offer her items at a 50% discount, similar to the discount that the Crown grants for Shopkeeper Shops.

Tun Shops otherwise act the same way as regular shops, and she will accept Golden Idols if placed in her shop.

Moon Challenge Link S2.png Moon Challenge

Tun will offer the player the Moon Challenge for $10,000 in 2-2, 2-3, or 2-4 of Volcana or the Jungle. If the player accepts and enters the challenge, they are given a mattock and a Four-Leaf Clover, being allowed allowed to dig up as much treasure as they would like until the mattock is destroyed.

The player may bring in other Mattocks or use Bombs/other explosives to assist them in collecting treasure inside the challenge without angering Tun, although the challenge will only complete when the Mattock supplied by Tun is destroyed or broken, and destroying part of the upper portion of the challenge containing the entrance and Forcefields will anger her.

The Moon Challenge frequently contains Scorpions, Arrow Traps, and Push Blocks within its caverns. Three tiles from the bottom of the Moon Challenge digging area, the player can find Hou Yi's Bow, one of the two items needed to access the Cosmic Ocean.

Stars Challenge Link S2.png Stars Challenge

The entrance to the Stars Challenge in Temple of Anubis.

Tun will offer the player the stars challenge for $25,000 in 4-2 of either Tide Pool or Temple of Anubis, where the player is given a handful of Torches and a Four-Leaf Clover, given the task to light every single wall-mounted torch in the challenge.

The player is given 30 seconds to complete the challenge. A Crossbow loaded with an Arrow will also always spawn in the middle of the stars challenge room, which can be used to light additional torches.

If all the torches are lit within the allotted time, the challenge will be considered complete and the player will be given a reward, which varies on which world they are on. In Tide Pool, the player will be given the Clone Gun, while they will be given the Elixir in Temple of Anubis.

A player completing the Stars Challenge in Tide Pool by lighting all of the Torches.

Sun Challenge Link S2.png Sun Challenge

Tun will offer the player the sun challenge for $50,000 in 7-1, 7-2, or 7-3 of the Sunken City, with 7-1 being its most common spawn location.

In the Sun Challenge, the player is placed into a cramped room with numerous enemy Generators summoning large amounts of Witch Doctors, Vampires, Necromancers, and Sorceresses, then forced to survive for 30 seconds .

The room contains various Forcefields, Regenerating Blocks and Frog Traps. Between two forcefields in the center of the room, the Arrow of Light is found on a platform.

If the player has survived the Sun Challenge for the needed 30 seconds, they will be allowed to take the Arrow of Light out of the challenge room, a necessary item for entering the Cosmic Ocean, as well as a newly spawned Player Bag containing 24 bombs and 24 rope near the entrance.

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Angering Tun by attacking her, stealing items from her shop, or vandalizing her structures will cause her to turn hostile, attacking the player with a Crossbow loaded with Poison-tipped Metal Arrows. She has three of these arrows stocked, causing one to reappear loaded in the crossbow if necessary. If Tun loses her crossbow, she is able to pick up other ranged weapons to attack with, such as the Shotgun, Freeze Ray, or even the Plasma Cannon.

If the player or an acquaintance of them is wearing The True Crown as they enter one of her buildings through the front door, she will recognize the player as a follower of her brother Beg, instantly angering. The only exception to this rule is her encounter at the top of Tiamat's Throne, where she congratulates the player for making it to the entrance to the Sunken City.

Like the Shopkeeper's Association, an angry Tun will appear in multiple levels to try to kill the player and can forgive the player for their actions, albeit in an entirely different fashion.

  • After 30 seconds in the level have passed, Tun will appear from the level's entrance.
  • If killed, Tun will drop Coins and disappear in a puff of smoke. After being killed a third time, she will truly die, with her body being left behind. She will forgive the player afterwards and allow back access to her services.
  • Unlike Shopkeepers who are numerous, there is only ever one Tun in a level, and as such she cannot be in two places at once (eg; at a challenge building and by the level entrance).

Like other NPCs, Tun is capable of breaking out of Mantraps unharmed, however unlike Shopkeepers she will still anger if the player kills the Mantrap she is stuck inside. Defeating Tun (but not killing her) will still void a pacifist run.


  • Tun Link S2.png "Welcome, Reborn. I have wares for sale." - Entering a Tun Shop.
  • Tun Link S2.png "May you hold out against Chaos a little longer." - Entering a Tun Shop after buying all of its items.
  • Tun Link S2.png "You've made a regretful choice!" - Stealing from a Tun Shop by running out the door with an unpaid item.
  • Tun Link S2.png "I humbly accept this in trade." - Selling a Golden Idol to Tun.
  • Tun Link S2.png "Welcome to the Moon/Stars Challenge, Reborn." - Entering the respective challenge building.
  • Tun Link S2.png "A warning, Reborn... the Sun Challenge may cost you your life." - Entering the Sun Challenge building.
  • Tun Link S2.png "Enter the door to begin the Challenge." - Paying the challenge fee.
  • Tun Link S2.png "Congratulations on completing the Challenge!" - Exiting a challenge room victoriously.
  • Tun Link S2.png "Perhaps you'll find victory in the next life." - Exiting a challenge room unfortunately.
  • Tun Link S2.png "It was a worthy attempt, Reborn. See you next time." - Dying during a challenge.
  • Tun Link S2.png "You must be a servant of Hundun!" - Angering Tun in any way that wasn't theft or...
  • Tun Link S2.png "Ah, one of my brother's foolish followers!" - Angering Tun by entering through the front door of one of her buildings with The True Crown equipped.
  • Tun Link S2.png "Reborn, you've done well to reach this place." - Tun congratulating the player for reaching the top of Tiamat's Throne, and subsequently the Sunken City.
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