Tun is an NPC that is found in various places. In the caves, she can be found within the walls selling items at a slight discount. She always appears on either 2-1 or 2-2 of both the Jungle and Volcana offering the player The Moon Challenge, She appears again in either 4-1 or 4-2 offering the player The Star Challenge, She is next found at the very top of Tiamat's Throne, where she guards the exit for the Spelunker. Once at the top, she will greet the player by saying, "Reborn, you've done well to reach this place." Finally, Tun is last found at Sunken City, in either 7-1 or 7-2. She offers The Sun Challenge, which could cost your life, according to Tun. In The Sun Challenge, you are placed in a battle arena, and you must survive for (please insert time here) from a selection of monsters. If you succeed, you are given a special arrow (please insert real name here), that needs to be used with Hou Yi's Bow, to reach the Cosmic Ocean by Shooting Hundun's eye with the bow. If angered she will pursue the player similar to a Shopkeeper and uses a bow holding up to 3 poisoned arrows. If you get hit by one, you will be given the poison effect.

Moon Challenge

Tun will offer the player the Moon Challenge, for 10,000 gold, where the player is given a mattock and a four-leaf clover and allowed to dig up as much treasure as possible before the mattock breaks. In the challenge, you can find Hou Yi's Bow, which is one of the requirements to access the Cosmic Ocean. The Moon Challenge is filled with gems and crates frequently allowing the player to recuperate the upfront cost.

Note: The moon challenge frequently has scorpions spawn within its caverns

Tun's shop acts the same way as the shopkeepers, and she will accept golden idols if placed in her shop.

Stars Challenge

Tun will offer the player the stars challenge where the player is given a torch and a four-leaf clover and must light as many torches as possible. 1 torch will spawned at the beginning, 2 others will spawned somewhere else in the cave. A crossbow will also always spawn in the stars challenge. If all the torches are lit, the player will be given a different reward depending on whether they are in the Tide Pool, or the Temple of Anubis. Within the Tide Pool the player will be given the clone gun. If completed in the temple the player will be given an elixir which gives the player HP and cures any curse and/or poison effects.

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