Tun is a peculiar NPC found in various parts of the world. She seems to know about the Curse of the Caves that brings the player back to life, and assists the player in different ways than others who run shops. She is the sister of Beg.


When the player meets Tun, they will be a passive NPC, offering services to the player through her shops and challenges. However, angering her by attacking her, stealing items from her shop, or vandalizing her buildings will cause her to turn hostile, attacking the player with a Crossbow loaded with Poison-tipped Steel Arrows.

She has an infinite amount of these arrows, and will magically cause another one to reappear loaded in the crossbow if necessary.

If the player is wearing The True Crown, she will recognize the player as "one of (her) brother's foolish followers" and a follower of Hundun, and instantly anger.


Like Shopkeepers, she will appear in multiple levels to try to kill the player and can forgive the player for their actions, but in an entirely different way.

Instead of appearing at the end of a level like an angry Shopkeeper would, Tun will appear at in a puff of smoke at the level entrance after 30 seconds have passed in a level.

If killed, she will drop coins and disappear in a puff of smoke. After being killed three times, she will actually die, with her body being left behind. After this, she will forgive the player, stop hunting them, and allow them back access to her services.

It is important to note that unlike Shopkeepers, There is only ever one Tun in a level, meaning you can never be attacked by more than one Tun at once and she cannot be in two places at the same time (eg; at the stars challenge and by the level entrance).

Tun Shops

A player encountering Tun and her shop in a sub-area.

In most worlds, Tun may be found in a hidden back area, selling a wide variety of items.

Not only is Tun able to sell the player every single item that a Shopkeeper can sell to the player (including Hired Hands), but she may also stock much more peculiar wares such as Royal Jelly or even a Plasma Cannon.

Tun offers all of her items at a 5% discount compared to the prices of the Shopkeeper Association. If Shopkeepers are mad at the player, Tun will then offer her items at a massive 50% discount, similar to the discount that the Crown grants for standard shops.

Tun's shop acts the same way as the shopkeepers, and she will accept golden idols if placed in her shop.

Moon Challenge

Tun will offer the player the Moon Challenge for 10,000 gold in 2-2, 2-3, or 2-4 of Volcana or Jungle. If the player accepts and enters the challenge, they given a mattock and a Four-leaf Clover to allowed to dig up as much treasure as possible before the mattock breaks.

In the lower sections of the Moon Challenge, the player can find Hou Yi's Bow, an extremely valuable item being one of the requirements to access the Cosmic Ocean.

The Moon Challenge is filled with gems and crates which frequently allows the player to recuperate the upfront cost.

Note: The Moon Challenge frequently has Scorpions, Arrow Traps, and Push Blocks spawn within its caverns, all of which can hasten (or in the case of the Push Blocks, cause) the players demise if they are not careful.

Because of the extremely high likelihood that one will make more money than they originally paid to enter the Moon Challenge on top of access to a Four-leaf Clover and Hou Yi's Bow, it is widely recommended by many to always complete the Moon Challenge.

Tun will accept golden idols if placed in the Moon Challenge building.

In Volcana, Magmars will damage Tun if they hit her, which can lead to her being dead in the Moon Challenge room and leaving piles of Poison-Tipped Steel Arrows behind. If this happens before the player does the challenge, the only way they can access the challenge is by bombing their way inside. Doing this will not anger her while she is dead.

Stars Challenge

The entrance to the Stars Challenge in Temple of Anubis.

Tun will offer the player the stars challenge for 25,000 gold in 4-2 of either Tide Pool or Temple of Anubis, where the player is given a torch and a four-leaf clover and must light every single torch in the challenge.

The player is given 30 seconds to complete this challenge. 1 torch will spawn at the beginning and multiple others will spawn somewhere else in the cave. A crossbow loaded with a stone arrow will also always spawn in the stars challenge, which can be used to further light additional torches.

If all the torches are lit, the player will be given a reward, which varies on which stage 4 they are on. In Tide Pool the player will be given the Clone Gun while in Temple of Anubis they will be given the Elixir.

Tun will accept golden idols if placed in the Stars Challenge building.

Sun Challenge

A Player surviving the Sun Challenge by hiding at the upper portion of the area, after having bombed the nearby spawner.

Tun will offer the player the sun challenge for 50,000 gold in 7-1, 7-2 or 7-3 of Sunken City.

"A Warning, Reborn... The Sun Challenge may cost you your life."

This warning, as given by Tun, is not to be taken lightly at all by the player. In the Sun Challenge, the player is put into a cramped room with numerous enemy spawners spawning unreasonable amounts of Witch Doctors, Vampires, Necromancers and Sorceresses, then forced to survive for 30 seconds.

The room contains various traps, such as forcefields, regenerating blocks, and frog traps.

Between two forcefields in the center of the room, the Arrow of Light is found on a platform.

If the player has survived the Sun Challenge for the needed 30 seconds, they will be allowed to take the Arrow of Light, a necessary item for entering the Cosmic Ocean, and leave the room, having the option of collecting a corpse bag containing 24 ropes and bombs by the entrance.

Tun will accept golden idols if placed in the Sun Challenge building.

Tips and Tricks

  • A common strategy used to survive the Sun Challenge is to immediately run up to either the top left or top right corner of the area, destroy the spawner in the corner with a bomb, then standing in a position where Regenerating Blocks, enemies or Frog Traps cannot harm the player.
  • Another strategy used to survive is to have Waddler carry Excalibur for the player into the Sunken City from the Ice Caves after walking out of Tide Pool with it. After retrieving the blade from him, they can use it to instantly gib enemies in a single swing, not only meaning that enemies can be taken down quicker, but permanently as well, because Necromancers cannot resurrect entities without a corpse.
    • Note that if the Sun Challenge spawns on 7-2 or 7-3, they cannot do this method without abandoning Hou Yi's Bow with Waddler in 7-1, meaning they would not be able to use it in tandem with the Arrow of Light to reach the Cosmic Ocean.
  • If the player is willing to miss out on the corpse bag containing bombs and rope, as well as being okay with angering Tun, they can kill her and bomb their way to the Arrow of Light in order to obtain it.
  • The player can use Waddler to bring the Clone Gun into the Sun Challenge, allowing them to clone the corpse bag rewarded for completing the challenge to obtain 99 bombs and rope.
  • If the player managed to retain the Ankh before making it to the Sunken City by performing an Ankh Skip, dying in the Sun Challenge then resurrecting with the Ankh will cause the entrance forcefields to re-enable, meaning that the player would have to anger Tun to obtain the Arrow of Light at this point.


  • Tun spelled backwards is Nut, which happens to be the same name as the Egyptian sky goddess. Being the goddess of the sky, Nut has many different relations with the Moon, Stars, and Sun. Nut also has a sibling named Geb, which happens to spell Beg when written backwards.
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