Totem Traps are common hazards seen in the Dwelling. Standing two blocks tall, they repeatedly extend short 'boxing gloves' from the upper and lower sections when any creature is detected on either side of them.


A totem trap will detect any creature - be it the Spelunker or any other monster - within about 3 tiles distance horizontally of the trap, and begin 'punching' in that direction until the creature moves out of range. A successful hit deals 2 damage.

The totem trap does not react to decoy objects like the Arrow Trap does, but cannot tell the difference between living creatures and dead corpses.

The spears have short range, extending just one tile's length from the trap, but will extend and retract repeatedly with only a short delay of about 1.5 seconds between each punch.

The top and bottom sections of the trap operate independently, but can only extend in one direction at a time. Furthermore, they cause damage when thrusting, and retracting punches will cause no damage when touched.

There is just enough time in each attack cycle to jump onto the trap and climb on top of it without being knocked out, but it's always safer to just destroy it or try to jump over it from higher ground.

A totem trap will often be found covering a door. As long as you don't get stabbed on the way towards the door, it won't hit you during the animation as you walk into the tunnel.

If you have a Shield, you can keep the totem trap from extending.[Needs Research]


A totem trap can be destroyed either by destroying the trap itself or the block it stands on with a bomb or a mattock. Note that if the top half is destroyed, the bottom section will continue to function normally.

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