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Torches are objects mainly found in dark levels that act as portable light sources. Whipping a campfire found in the Dwelling, The Jungle, or The Ice Caves will also generate a lit torch.


When unlit, torches are simply just a basic throwing item. If it gets near any fire source, it will ignite, providing light around itself.

Besides providing light, they can also be used to ignite jungle foliage, quickly burn away webs, cook Cave Turkeys, or thrown to attack enemies at range for 2 damage. If a lit torch is thrown at a flammable item such as a Bomb Bag or a Jetpack, it will ignite it, exploding it.

Immovable torches can also occasionally be found on the background in certain areas throughout the game, namely in sub-areas or areas with an NPC presence. These torches may provide light to other objects such as Arrows passing by or a held torch. In Dark Levels, they will not be lit, and must be ignited with a held torch or other source of fire in order for them to provide light once more. Lighting these torches will drop a few small gold nuggets.

Torches will be extinguished if they are submerged in water, and will no longer provide light. Extinguished torches can be rekindled by touching another source of fire, but not by touching traps. Torches will also be extinguished upon finishing the level.

Tiki Men carry torches instead of Boomerangs in dark Jungle levels, and will throw them at the Spelunker if spotted, although this is less accurate than the Boomerang. They can serve as a useful replacement if one somehow loses the first torch obtained.

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