These are some tips for noobs or people starting Spelunky

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Play with the mouse cursor off the screen, trust me, it stops a ton of YASD.
  • Don't shoplift unless you know what you are doing because they may not look it, but shopkeepers are one formidable enemy.
  • Don't use the teleporters unless you know what you are doing because teleporters cause alot of deaths to people who can't use them properly.
  • On dark levels keep your torch! You don't know how useful those things are.
  • Try to keep a few bombs and ropes on you at the end of an area as the tunnel man always wants those for shortcuts and they get very useful.
  • Never attempt Hell on your first run, this area needs alot of practisc, just believe me on this one.
  • Don't think the End Adventure button on the pause menu wins the game for you. It kills you.
  • A short noob guide to shopkeepers: collect the shiny objects, because those give you money. money can buy items from shops. To kill them, either 1: pick up a shotgun from their shop, and shoot them with it, or 2: make a rope 1 block in front of the sign, just above the last piece of floor, then take an item, lure them to the front by climbing up the rope with the item, and stick a bomb just outside of the shop. It won't count as inside his shop, and will BLOW UP HIS UNSUSPECTING MUG!!!!!! warning: after ticking off a shopkeeper,others will be waiting at the exits.
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