Don't be a shish kebab!

Tiki Traps (aka. Spear Traps, Totem Poles) appear in the Jungle and the Temple.
They are two tiles tall and one wide, and have two sets of spears that extend slightly less than one tile horizontally in either direction. The spears do 4 hitpoints of damage per hit (and can deal multiple hits at once) and will thus usually instantly kill you should you touch them.

The only safe place on a totem pole is on top of it. With some degree of luck and skill you should be able to climb a totem pole before the spears shoot out, but it is a far safer option to use a bomb or armed Fire Frogs to blow it up or a rope to get on top of it. For those of you daring enough to practice a method of getting up these obstacles without using your limited resources, follow these guidelines:

  • Try to quickly hop onto and ascend the Totem before it starts its spear releasing cycle. If you are swift enough you'll beat the narrow timing. Note that the Totem will begin to detect you if you approach within 3 tiles of it.
  • If you have alerted the Totem already, then the name of the game is timing. Standing with a gap of 1 tile separating you and the totem, hop onto it immediately after the top spears have begun to retract. Exposed spears that are retracting do no damage. Climb and take a breather if you make it out alive.

Against enemies, the Trap's spears will deal 2 damage, allowing you to dispatch of any injured Man-eating plants or Cavemen that might run into them with a single whip. Spear Traps serve as light sources in dark levels.

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