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Tiki Men are an enemy in Spelunky 2.

They spawn exclusively in the Jungle.


Normally, a Tiki Man carries a Boomerang which he throws at spelunkers if they enter his line of sight. The boomerang deals 1 hit point of damage and stuns anything it hits, and may hit several times during a throw.

It is possible to be caught in a situation where a Tiki Man will juggle the spelunker against a wall by repeatedly throwing his boomerang at them while they are stunned, allowing for an inescapable chain attack guaranteeing the victim's death.

Tiki Men can be sometimes seen holding a Wooden Shield instead of a boomerang. With it, they will charge towards a player in an attempt to crush them against a wall. If successful, the shield will break, and the spelunker will take 1 damage from the Tiki Man making contact with them shortly after the shield's destruction.

In Dark Levels, Tiki Men carry flaming Torches instead of boomerangs. They throw it at the spelunker if they spot them. Although it cannot come back to the Tiki Man like the boomerang can, the thrown torch deals 2 damage (1 + fire), and can ignite any flammable Backwear that the spelunker may be wearing, such as a Jetpack.

A disarmed Tiki Man functions similarly to a regular Caveman, charging at the Spelunker if they enter his line of sight.

If a Tiki Man encounters a fellow Tiki Man, Caveman, or Witch Doctor, they will seem to exchange a few words together, with the Tiki Man's words consistent of grumbles and gibberish. After enough time is passed or one of the two is interrupted, they will resume their normal behavior. After finishing a conversation, a Tiki Man holding a boomerang may occasionally lash out and throw its boomerang at the other participant.

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