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Tiamat's Throne is the final boss area of the first ending of Spelunky 2, containing Queen Tiamat.


The entire arena where the player fights Tiamat. Seen above is the way to the ship that will take the player to Sunken City.

At the center of the area is a massive arena dedicated for fighting Tiamat, with her throne in the middle and two large blocks protecting her from long range projectiles without first destroying them or having to get close to her.

At the bottom of area is an abyss filled with water, with Tentacles at the bottom that launch up to try and drag the player into the abyss if one gets too close, killing them. Dropping items in the water will make them completely irretrievable.

Bubbles that act as platforms will arise from the surface of the water periodically to aid the player in moving around in the fight (and to catch a glimpse at the gauntlet guarded by spark traps). These bubbles will only arise from where water is exposed, but the center of the arena can be bombed to expose the water and make bubbles rise in the center. Regardless of how far the player falls, they will never take fall damage if they land atop one of the bubbles.

At the top of the arena, far above Tiamat, there is a small entrance to a chamber of horizontal laser walls and spark traps. If the player makes it past this section, they may take the ship there to the Sunken City. The player does not have to defeat Tiamat to get through the laser traps.



There are are a number of strategies the player can use to defeat Tiamat here:

  • The easiest and quickest ways to defeat Tiamat include telefragging her with a Teleporter, Telepack or Axolotl. The other easy instakill method is to freeze her and whip her with a Freeze Ray or with a freeze blow from a player ghost in Multiplayer.
  • By using bombs to destroy the tiles next to her head, the player can simply use ropes to stay up one side of the wall of the area and shoot her with a shotgun until she dies. This can easily be done even with the 5-1 shortcut with the shotguns and extra health obtained from Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure on 6-3.
  • It is possible to kill her using no items other than the player's whip and the corpses of the enemies she spawns, but this is difficult and time-consuming. The Ghost will never spawn in Tiamat's Throne, so the player has as much time as they need to attempt this.

Laser Trap Gauntlet

The door leading to the Olmec-shaped spaceship which will take the player to the Sunken City is guarded by a mass of Forcefields and Spark Traps, located far above Tiamat. The easiest way to get past is by using the Qilin, a hidden mount with infinite flight.

The proper, safest, and most efficient method to ascend when using the Qilin is demonstrated in the gif below.

Using the Qilin to get past the Laser Traps above Tiamat's Throne.

However, there are multiple other methods to get past, all of which are elaborated in the Skips wiki page.

Additionally, the player does not have to defeat Tiamat if they have the means to ascend above her to make their way to the Sunken City.


  • The Alien in the Journal portrait for Tiamat's Throne is shown with a tear in it's eye. This is likely because of how although the Aliens were Tiamat's firstborn, they believe that she favors her secondborn, the Olmites more, creating a feeling of jealousy and leading to a series of wars between the races.
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