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Throwables are objects that spawn in all areas, typically found scattered around the ground. Their primary use is to disarm  Arrow Traps and provide another ranged method of attack for the player.

Types of Throwables


  • A throwable object that can only be destroyed from being crushed. Despite its primitive nature, its durability makes it a useful and reusable object.


  • Fragile. Breaks if it falls for more than one tile or hits something, or if the entity holding it is stunned.
  • May contain treasure or an enemy:
Treasure Chance Monsters Chance
Small Gold Nugget 12.8833% Snake 8.13741%
Large Gold Nugget 7.36186% Spider 11.1889%
Emerald 8.41356% Cobra 1.54998%
Sapphire 6.11895% Scorpion 0.781094%
Ruby 4.89516% Alien 0.02%
  • Throwing another durable throwable at a pot, like an Arrow or Rock, will instantly break and kill/stun any enemies that may have been inside it.


  • Has the same durability as a Rock.
  • Provides light when lit on fire. Extinguished if it makes contact with water.
  • Can burn away webs when lit.
  • A lit torch spawns at the beginning of every Dark Level. It can be used to ignite wall torches scattered across the level for extra light.


  • Can be found lying on the ground or drops from Skeletons.
  • Has the same durability as a Pot.

Piranha Skeleton

  • When the water a Piranha is swimming is removed, they transform into a Piranha Skeleton.
  • Has the same durability as a Pot.
  • In a "The dead are restless..." Level Feeling, Piranhas take the appearance of a reanimated Piranha Skeleton, otherwise functioning as normal.

Mattock Head

  • Left behind when a Mattock is destroyed.
  • Has the same durability as a Rock.
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