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Throwables are objects that spawn in all areas, scattered around the ground. Their primary use is to disarm Arrow Traps and provide another ranged method of attack for Spelunkers.

Types of Throwables

Rock Link S2.png Rocks

  • A throwable object that can only be destroyed from being crushed. Despite being primitive, its durability makes it a useful and reusable object.
  • Rocks are also sometimes created after using the Freeze Ray to destroy Lava.
  • If the player has 16+ favor, sacrificing a Rock to a Kali Altar will produce an Arrow.
  • If the Pitcher's Mitt is in the player's inventory, Rocks that would normally hit them are instead caught if their hands are free.

Pot 1.pngPot 2.pngPot 3.png Pots

  • Fragile. Breaks if it falls for more than one tile or hits something, or if the entity holding it is stunned.
  • May contain treasure or an enemy:
Treasure Chance Monsters Chance
Small Gold Nugget 12.8833% Snake 8.13741%
Large Gold Nugget 7.36186% Spider 11.1889%
Emerald 8.41356% Cobra 1.54998%
Sapphire 6.11895% Scorpion 0.781094%
Ruby 4.89516% Alien 0.02%

Disclaimer: These percentages are regurgitated from Spelunky HD. Although these percentages appear to line up with Spelunky 2's pot chances, they may be inaccurate.

  • Throwing another durable throwable at a pot, like an Arrow or Rock will instantly break and kill/stun any enemies that may have been inside it.
  • The Pitcher's Mitt won't help the player catch Pots. The same applies to Eggplants, which are as fragile as Pots are.
  • If a Hired Hand picks up a Pot (or any similarly fragile item like an Eggplant), the only way to make him drop it safely is to pick him up, then put him down against a wall.

Skull Link S2.png Skulls

  • Can be found lying on the ground or drops from Bone Blocks (~1-3) and Skeletons.
  • Has the same durability as a Pot.
  • Looks different from a resting Skeleton; the primary difference is the difference in the size of their eye sockets. Skulls have a smaller eye socket while Skeletons have a much rounder one:

Skeleton vs skull.png

  • Bone Drops periodically rain Skulls below themselves. However, these falling skulls differ in the way that they do not stun what they hit.
  • Skulls can be caught with the Pitcher's Mitt much like Rocks can, save for the special skulls that are produced by Bone Drops.
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