The True Crown is an item, which can be obtained by meeting Beg twice. Upon meeting him the first time he will say "You seem to enjoy Chaos!". On the second he will say "Ah, so you truly do love chaos. Like me!", and give you the True Crown.


The True Crown will teleport you every 22 seconds. You cannot stop it, but you can influence the direction of your teleportation by looking in any direction (similar to the existing teleportation items). Every time you teleport, you get 22 bombs. It will anger Tun when you get near her.


To obtain the True Crown, you have to break three altars. After destroying the first altar, you will find Beg at the second - a NPC who will give you a bag of bombs then teleport away. At the next altar, if you are cursed, you will finally find Beg again and he will give you the True Crown. He will not teleport if you attack him, and will drop a Telepack. Note that if you miss a single altar after breaking the first one, you can't get the True Crown.


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