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Parsley, Parsnip, and Parmesan are three related Quest NPCs in Spelunky 2.


The Jungle

In levels 2-2, 2-3, and 2-4 in the Jungle, the player will always find a single entrance to a backlayer containing one of the three sisters. They will be trapped in a small stone room. Opening the room up by pushing the Push Block out of the way and approaching the sister will tag them as rescued.

Each sister has a designated level that they spawn in: Parsley will spawn in 2-2, Parsnip in 2-3, and Parmesan in 2-4.

Olmec's Lair

Once the player reaches Olmec's Lair, they will find every single sister that they freed in the Jungle in the top right of the level, accessed via a ladder. Depending on how many sisters were rescued, a different reward will be waiting for the player beside the sisters.

If the player only rescued only one of them, they will receive a Rope Pile. Rescuing two of them will award a Bomb Bag, while rescuing all three will gift the player a Bomb Box.

Receiving a reward for freeing all three sisters in Olmec's Lair.

Other Appearances

Saving certain sisters will cause them to appear later in the run. They do not directly assist the player when encountered again, instead only offering a string of dialogue.

  • If the player rescued Parsley from the Jungle, they may find her in the background layer of 4-3 Tide Pool, warning them about the dangerous lava trap.
  • Rescuing Parmesan will have her appear later within the Ice Caves, on a platform seen on the left side of the cave containing the Yeti Queen.
  • Parsnip will be found in Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure if she was freed earlier.


The player may anger any of the sisters in any of their encounters. When angered, they will attack the player with Crossbow armed with Poison-Tipped Metal Arrows. They do not drop any items on death.

  • Angering or killing a sister in Jungle will nullify their quest, and the player will not receive a gift in Olmec's Lair. Rescuing extra sisters will not resume the quest.
  • Killing or attacking a sister in Olmec's Lair will instantly anger any others present.
  • If a player angers or kills a sister anywhere else, the others will not anger, not hearing about the incident.


  • The Three Sisters Link S2.png "Thanks! I can't believe I got stuck in here." - Freeing any of the sisters in the Jungle.
  • The Three Sisters Link S2.png "Here's a little something to help you out!" - The sisters, seeing the player in Olmec's Lair.
  • Parsley Link S2.png "I don't have a good feeling about that door." - Parsley, seeing the player just outside of the entrance to the near-fatal lava trap in 4-3 of Tide Pool, if she was freed previously.
  • Parmesan Link S2.png "Brrr! I wish I brought a jacket!" - Parmesan, seeing the player at the Ice Caves in the backlayer containing the Yeti Queen, if she was freed previously.
  • Parsnip Link S2.png "Great party, huh?" - Parsnip, seeing the player in Madame Tusk's Palace of Pleasure, if she was freed previously.
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