"The Temple" is the second last or 4th (last being Hell ) game area that the player will encounter in both the XBLA edition and the PC edition. In the last level of the Temple, 4-4, is the Olmec fight. 


The M


ines normally consists of narrow passageways through bricked terrain. There are many valuable Gems found the the bricks in the Temple, but some are hard to get to and use up alot of Bombs .


Special Features/Traps

Kali Altars

Kali Altars are places to give sacrifices to the God Kali , which is the God of Empowerment. Sacrificing dead enemies and Damsels will reward the player with items, and the Kapala, an item only found when sacrificing.

Tiki Trap

Tiki Trap are found on the Temple, two are usually guarding the exit. Tiki Traps can deal 4 damage, which is the player's starting amount.

Crush Trap

Crush Traps are only found in the Temple and the City of Gold. They can instantly kill a player, as they push and then squish the player onto a wall.

Ceiling Trap

Ceiling Traps guard the Golden Idol on the Temple. When the idol is moved or picked up, the player is trapped in the room and spikes come from the ceiling, and move down, crushing and impaling the player.


Lava is found on the Temple and Hell. It acts like water, and can be drained, but will instantly kill anything but Magma Men , as it spawns them.

Level Feelings

"I can't see a thing!"

The level will be engulfed in darkness with only a few light sources scattered throughout the mine, including golden scarabs and torches.

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