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#REDIRECT [[The Jungle/2]]
{{LocationInfobox|name=Jungle|image=File:Jungle_S2.png|accessible=Levels 2-1 to 2-4|main dangers=|caption=[[Journal|Places Entry 2]]: Despite all odds, this dense, tropical forest appears to be teeming with life.}}''For an area in Spelunky HD or Spelunky Classic, see [[The Jungle]].''
'''The Jungle''' is one of the second areas in ''Spelunky 2.''
The Jungle consists of 4 levels, ending in [[Olmec's Lair/2|Olmec's Lair]]
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|title = [[Spikes]]
|body = [[File:Spikes_2.jpg|150px]]
==Special Features==
===[[Black market|Black Market]]===
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