The Ice Caves is the third area of the caves in Spelunky, and is accessed from level 8 of The Jungle. Level 12 leads to the fourth area, The Temple.


The Ice Caves consist of large open caverns with snowy or icy ledges (which are slippery unless wearing Spike Shoes), and unlike in previous areas, there is no bottom floor to each level. Instead the bottom of each level is an obviously deadly fall into the abyss . This can make it difficult or impossible to reach the exit if you end up at the bottom on the wrong side of the level, making the Compass unusually valuable here. Treasure  may be found in the walls if the walls are destroyed with either bombs or a mattock. One of the levels will randomly contain the Moai statue, whose interior can only be accessed by dying on that level while in possession of the Ankh purchased at the Black Market. Inside the Moai Hedjet can be found.


All Monsters and Traps (besides The Ghost) that can be harmful/hostile in The Ice Caves:


23 UFO


  • The Shopkeeper will only attack you if you hurt him or try to steal something from him.
  • You can avoid getting hit by Monsters that come out of Monster Pots by attacking them with the Whip or other melee weapons instead of throwing Pots away from you.
  • Sometimes when you are destroying an ice block with a mattock you can find a caveman in them.

Special FeaturesEdit

Kali's AltarsEdit

Kali's Altars can appear on certain levels of every area. You can sacrifice dead or knocked out creatures by dropping them onto the Altar. Depending on your sacrifice, she will gift you or not with items. If you destroy the Altar, she will be displeased with you and spawn a group of spiders on you, even if the destruction was by another creature.

Golden IdolEdit

Golden Idols may appear randomly on each of the levels.  The Idol will be on Thin Ice suspended above Spikes. Quickly grabbing the idol before the ice breaks and jumping onto a nearby platform or pre-placed Rope may be your best bet of not dying on the spikes.

Level FeelingsEdit

"It smells like wet fur in here!"Edit

The level will be much more maze-like, making it much easier not to fall into the Abyss, and a Yeti King will spawn somewhere inside. There will also be more Yetis than usual.

"I sense a psychic presence here..."Edit

The level will contain a very long spaceship near the middle, containing Yetis, a Forcefield, and an Alien Lord. A Jetpack is guaranteed to spawn in the wall behind the Alien Lord.

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