The Ice Caves is the fifth level in Spelunky 2.


The Ice Caves consists of 3 main sections. When the spelunker enters the area, they will complete a small section of a standard level before going into the background, which resembles a wet fur level from Spelunky HD.


The Ice Caves consists of a multitude of disconnected platforms, similar to its predecessors.

Section 1

The first section of the ice caves contains the Moai Head, along with standard dangers in the Ice Caves. The player can enter the background stage through a doorway at the bottom of this section.

Section 2

"It smells like wet fur in here!"

The background contains the Yeti King and Queen. The Queen is located on the top half, while the King is located on the bottom. The bottom of the stage contains spikes, and the Spelunker Demi von Diamonds can be found here.

Section 3

After the background is completed or bypassed using a mobility accessory, the Spelunker will enter the final section. It is similar to the first, but is significantly longer. Directly below this section is The Abyss. Just below where the screen stops scrolling downwards is the entrance to The Mothership, supported by a small platform. It's location is revealed by the Alien Compass.

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