The Temple of Anubis is the Spelunky 2 version of Spelunky HD's Temple. In the sequel, the temple has received a massive new coat of Ancient Egyptian paint. Within the Temple of Anubis, a player can battle Anubis for his scepter, avoid deadly Croc Men, Mummies, and Giant Crush Traps, drink a powerful elixir to cure them of curse/poison, find their way to the legendary City of Gold, and by extension, ascend to the realm of Duat.

Temple of Anubis is one of the two locations that a player can enter after Olmec's Lair, with the other option being Tide Pool. It is generally considered significantly harder than Tide Pool, due to the many hazards present that can easily end an inattentive player's run.

A full level of 4-1 in Temple of Anubis.


The Temple of Anubis is construed of erratic, floating blocks, deadly Crush Traps, and mountains of sand.

4-1: Throne of Anubis

Anubis on his throne in 4-1.

Upon entering the Temple of Anubis, the player will always encounter the namesake Egyptian god of death on the main path of the level. Defeating him will award you with the Scepter of Anubis. There is no other special feature in this level.

If the player rescued Van Horsing in Volcana and helped him kill Vlad in Vlad's Castle, he will appear in 4-1 in a back room. He will be cursed, and give you the Alien Compass.

Van Horsing awarding the Alien Compass to the player in 4-1.

Tips and Tricks

  • Spike Shoes and Bomb Paste are some of the most effective items against Anubis.
    • One can step on Anubis using Spike Shoes before he awakes, making way for an easy victory. It is not recommended to do this after he has awoken, as this will likely lead to him instantly killing the player with his scepter.
    • Bomb Paste will let the player easily dispatch of him using two bombs, regardless of whether he is awake or not.

4-2: The Golden Door & the Stars Challenge

Entering The City of Gold by using the Scepter on the Golden Door while the Hedjet/Crown is in the player's possession, while narrowly avoiding two crush traps.

Within 4-2, there will be a door of solid gold somewhere. If the player has either the Crown or Hedjet in their possession, they may use the Scepter to open the door, leading the way into The City of Gold.

Elsewhere in the level, a player can find Tun at the Star Challenge. Completing the challenge will award the player with an Elixir, curing the player of Curse and/or Poison, as well as healing the player. This item is rarely worth getting however, as if the player wishes to travel to the Duat, they must use the Ankh and lose their health.

4-3b: The City of Gold

If the player passed through the Golden Door in 4-2, they will be in The City of Gold for this stage. For more info, visit the article on The City of Gold. Otherwise, they will be in a standard Temple of Anubis level with no prominent features, aside from possible Level Feelings.

4-4b: Duat

If one sacrificed themselves on the Altar in The City of Gold, this level will serve as the Duat. For more info, visit the article on Duat. If the player either took the normal exit from The City of Gold or did not go to the city at all, 4-4 will be a standard Temple of Anubis level with no special occurrences, other than Level Feelings.


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